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ABS Bean Customer Testimonial Fort Bend Services, Inc.

For us at Champion Fiberglass, Inc. MAS 90/200has meant an enormous improvement in productivity. Before MAS, we used a separate custom program for quotations/orders and then we used DacEasy for accounting. As they were not tied together, we were not able to mine data effectively. We spent a lot of time creating spread sheets, entering data into them, data we read from our two separate systems. We therefore could not service our sales organization with meaningful information in a timely manner, had no control of inventory, no effective way of checking costs and so forth.

After implementing MAS 90/200 we have seen an enormous improvement in our organization. We use MAS 200 as an ERP system, i.e. it drives all aspects of our company. The sales organization have now a lot of custom reports that ABS created for them, we use a few custom modules as well as a custom written program to calculate sales commission for our 40 independent sales reps, spread over the entire US and Canada (with currency conversion issues). We plan on keeping pushing the limits of usage of MAS 200. Our next step will be to go more web based for our sales organization.

We are extremely pleased with MAS 200 and their consultants, ABS, and we plan on using this system for many more years.

Goran Haag
Champion Fiberglass, Inc.

The ABS team does great work. They recently steered us through a very affordable systems upgrade. We were impressed by their knowledge of MAS200 and have already realized the benefits targeted through this successful implementation.

Randy Reed
CFO, DuraTherm, Inc.

Over the last years working with ABS I have been 100% satisfied with the professionalism, support, and commitment the staff has given in helping my company run efficiently.

Paula Stuart
Complete Production Services

Our company has used MAS 90 for over 10 years now so we must be pleased! Most of all we are pleased with JoLynn Johnston and Accounting Business Solutions as our software rep. JoLynn and her company are always available to help you no matter how big or small your needs are. She has an answer for it all! MAS 90 is very user friendly which makes the job that much better. We use MAS 90 for Payroll, Direct Deposit, Accounts Payable, Time and Billing and General Ledger. Anything you need, JoLynn, ABS and MAS 90 can do it!

Paula Gasper
Subsidium Inc.

We started doing business with ABS in April of 2009 and are very pleased with the knowledge and expertise they have with MAS 200. They are friendly, easy to work with, and have been able to come up with an answer or solution to all the unresolved issues that were left behind from our previous MAS partner. I would highly recommend ABS to anyone considering MAS products.

Jan Graves
President, Seven Star Packaging

As our manufacturing business was expanding we realized that our current accounting management software was not keeping pace. After reviewing many alternatives we chose the MAS 200 solution which has proven to be an excellent fit for our business. It is a powerful, yet user friendly application that assists us in operating and maintaining control of our business. I would highly recommend this as a solution for a small to mid-sized business.

Jim McCormick
CFO, Federal

Accounting Business Solutions has been our support team for over two years. We are very pleased with MAS 200 and the support that we are receiving.

Leonard Korenek
OFI Testing Equipment

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