What to Do When You Have One-of-a-Kind ERP Implementation Needs

Acumatica Case Study Turn2 ABSNot All ERP Implementations Unfold in the Same Way…

Since all companies truly are unique, business leaders are often surprised to learn that good ERP implementations follow standardized processes that have been developed over the years by experienced consultants.

However, not all companies can follow these standardized processes. In rare cases, a company has such unique needs that they need something above and beyond the “normal” ERP implementation.

What If Your Company Has One-of-a-Kind Needs?

Of course, experience matters when it comes to handling unexpected challenges during an ERP implementation. You already know that you want to make sure you work with a great consultant with years of hands-on experience and great references.

But the software you choose matters too – and some ERPs are better suited than others to handle those rare, exceptional implementations. As one of ABS’s clients discovered, Acumatica ERP is extremely well prepared to handle the unexpected.

Find Out How ABS Helps Companies Meet All Their Needs with Acumatica ERP

Turn2 Specialty Companies, a leading specialty turnaround services provider delivering highly specialized skilled labor outsource services to their clients in the refining, petrochemical, and power industries, had already invested significant resources into their preferred customer communication system (Mach1). They naturally wanted to keep using Mach1 after they made the switch to Acumatica ERP.

The problem? No one had ever integrated Mach1 with Acumatica.

Read the Turn2 success story to learn how ABS and Acumatica helped Turn2 with:

  • Custom integration delivered at astonishing speed
  • Adapting to atypical payroll needs
  • Flexible functionality built to overcome growing pains

“If you have a system you’re reliant on and need to continue using, the open API in Acumatica allows you to still use those systems that you prefer while enjoying the benefits of a more robust accounting system in the cloud. At ABS we’re always happy to work with third-party providers to keep all your Acumatica integrations working smoothly.” – JoLynn Johnston, Founder/Owner at ABS

Discover why, years later, Turn2 is still excited that they get to work with the ABS team and why they say of ABS: “We just really, really trust them.”

Read the Turn2 Success Story

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