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Issue 3 – 2022

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What Crystal Reports Versions are Currently Supported?

Since reporting is one of the most important functions of your ERP system, Sage 100 customers often ask “What Versions of Crystal Reports are Currently Supported by my system?” This quick reference provides the answer you need based on the Sage 100 version you’re running. 

Currently-Supported Versions of Sage 100 

Below is a summary of Crystal Reports versions that are compatible with their corresponding currently-supported versions of Sage 100: 

  • Sage 100 2022 – Crystal Reports 2016 for Sage 
  • Sage 100 2021 – Crystal Reports 2016 for Sage 
  • Sage 100 2020 – Crystal Reports 2016 for Sage 

Retired Versions of Sage 100 

For older versions of Sage 100 that are no longer officially supported by Sage, here’s a summary of compatible versions of Crystal Reports: 

  • Sage 100 2019 – Crystal Reports 2016 for Sage 
  • Sage 100 2018 – Crystal Reports 2016 for Sage 
  • Sage 100 2013 through Sage 100 2017 – Crystal Reports 2011 for Sage 

See Also: Sage 100 Supported Versions Matrix 

Important Notes 

Caution: Only one version of Crystal Reports may be active on a machine. For example, if you install Workstation Setup for Sage 100 2018 (which comes with Crystal Reports 2016) on a computer that already has Workstation Setup for Sage 100 2017 (which comes with Crystal Reports 2011) installed, you will encounter an error when attempting to print from Sage 100 2017. 

It is not necessary to install Crystal Reports Designer in order to print and preview reports and forms from within Sage 100. The Workstation Setup client install, which allows you to log into Sage 100, also includes a Crystal runtime engine. However, Crystal Reports Designer is necessary if you want to create and modify Crystal Reports forms and reports. 

 Sage Customer Support may not be able to provide assistance for issues relating to certain third-party products and/or reporting customizations. 

Contact us if you have questions or need help with your specific Sage 100 system or Crystal Reports setup. 


Sage Announces Brand Refresh

Sage recently launched a brand refresh with a new look and message that, according to the company, is a symbol of the insights and experiences customers will get as part of the trusted network for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs).

As a symbol of the changes the refreshed brand represents, Sage also announced a series of experiences focused on delivering insights and smarter decision-making including:

Sage Membership: Every Sage customer now gets access to the benefits of Sage Membership which include talks and articles from the world’s leading experts on the challenges that are most important for businesses today. The first “Member Masterclass” was launched in May.

New Digital Network Services: Sage will double down on its commitment to make business simpler through a range of new services in the digital network, including giving access to essential accounting and bookkeeping tools directly via bank app or web browser.

New Partnerships: continued investment in partnerships that deliver on the company’s newly-stated purpose. As an Official Supporter of the Rugby World Cup 2023, Sage will provide software to France 2023. Further partnerships will be announced in the coming months.

No Subscription Required 

With the launch of Sage 100 2022, there’s a collection of newer features that were previously available only to Sage 100 subscription holders, but are now available to all users including these time-savers: 

Spell Check: A red line appears beneath misspelled words. You can right-click the word to view a list of suggestions, ignore the misspelling, or add it to your custom dictionary. 

Full Text Search in Lookups: In Lookup views (Search list), you can select Full Text. Your search criteria is then matched against all text in the records instead of just a single field. 

Theme Maintenance: This task delivers even more control over customizing the appearance of Sage 100 windows. 

Document Date Warnings: allows you to display a warning message when a user enters a date that is outside of settings defined in Company Maintenance. 

Community-Inspired New Features 

A number of new features were introduced in Sage 100 2022 that were inspired by Sage customers and partners: 

  • Exclude Inactive Items From Lookups
  • Option to Save Date Selections for Reports 
  • More Options When Uploading Images (JPG, PNG, etc.) 
  • View Order Type, Ship Date, and Expire Date in History