Sage 100 Newsletter

Issue 2 – 2022

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What’s New in the Latest Release

Sage 100 2022 is now available. With new features spanning sales and accounting to inventory and production management, here’s a look at what’s new in the latest release.

Exclude Inactive Items From Lookups – a ‘Display Inactive Items’ check box allows you to include/exclude items from Lookups if the Inactive check box in Item Maintenance is selected for the item. 

Option to Save Date Selections for Reports – when creating/modifying a report setting, you can specify whether you want to save the dates entered in the Selections grid for easy re-use. 

Search for Quotes – a new ‘Quotes’ check box on the ‘Search for Open Orders’ window in Sales Order enables you to quickly find quotes for the current customer. 

No Subscription Required – some features formerly exclusive to Sage 100 Subscription customers are now available to all including spell check, document date warnings, full text search, and more. 

Enhanced Visual Process Flows Experience 

A number of changes to the Visual Process Flows designer making it easier to use including: 

  • You can select multiple elements at the same time using the Shift key while clicking with your mouse. You can also move and resize the elements together and create permanent groups. 
  • Buttons with up/down and left/right arrows have been added to the Actions window so you can move the Actions window to another area of the Designer. 
  • Guidelines now appear when you start to move an element to help you align it with other elements in the Designer window. And you no longer have to press the Enter key to add text. 

Production Management Changes 

Perhaps the biggest area of focus for the Sage 100 2022 release is on Production Management which is now part of the core Sage 100 program, no longer requiring a separate install. In addition, Production Management is in the business object framework and will be replacing legacy Work Order and MRP modules. As part of the sweeping update, a number of changes and new features span Work Tickets, Employee Maintenance, Labor Entry, Materials Management and more. If you’re running Production Management or the legacy modules, be sure to contact us for details. 

To take advantage of these new features, simply upgrade to Sage 100 2022 and be sure to get in touch if you need help. Refer to the Release Notes for errors and bug fixes.


The latest Sage CRM 2022 R1 is now available for download. Let’s take a look at some of the key new features in this latest version.

Mass Delete of Communications

As with almost any software application, as your database grows, your system slows. That’s probably why Sage CRM 2022 R1 introduces the ability to mass delete communica-tion records that your business no longer needs. Removing old, unneeded communications will reduce the size of your Sage CRM database and help improve system performance. 

When using this new feature, the records are permanently deleted from the Sage CRM database so be sure to backup your data before starting. The only way to retrieve records you accidentally delete is to restore from a backup. 

Insert Email Signature 

When creating or editing an email signature, you can use a new check box ‘Use Signature for Replies and Forwards’. 

Selecting this check box inserts your signature into new emails and when replying or forwarding messages. If you clear this check box, your email signature is inserted into new emails only. 

For more on how to create or edit an email signature, see Managing your email signature in the help documentation. 

Automatic Calendar Refresh 

In Sage CRM 2022 R1, you can now use the new ‘Calendar Refresh Interval‘ option to set the automatic refresh rate (in seconds) for the Calendar and Calendar List tabs. 

To access this option, go to Administration > System > System Behavior. You can also disable automatic refresh by setting this field to a blank value or 0. 

Resize Table Columns in Email Templates

When inserting or editing a table in an email template, system administrators can now resize the width of the table columns. 

To do so, go to Administration > Email and Documents > Email Templates. 

Hover over the border of the table column you want to resize. When the pointer becomes a double-headed arrow, click and drag the border to resize the column width. 

Technology Updates 

Sage CRM 2022 R1 is now compatible with Windows 11. In addition, when performing a new installation of Sage CRM, you’ll have the option of connecting with a Microsoft Azure SQL Database. Finally, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express is now distributed in the Sage CRM installation package. 

It’s also worth noting that Sage CRM will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 ahead of the browser’s retirement by Microsoft in June 2022. As a result, 2 features – ‘Edit merged documents’ and ‘Send emails using Outlook’ – have been discontinued.