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Issue 1 – 2024

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Sage Fixed Assets 2024.1 Available

Sage Member Masterclass Season 4



Last year, Sage announced that eBusiness Manager and eBusiness Web Services would no longer be offered to new Sage 100 customers. Luckily, there’s an alternative platform Sage recommends to businesses that want to offer their customers a self-service portal to check order status, get shipping updates, make online payments, and more. Here’s a closer look.

First Things First …

Before reviewing the alternative customer portal platform for Sage 100, let’s clarify the announce- ment that as of May 1, 2023, eBusiness Manager and eBusiness Web Services is no longer offered or sold to new Sage 100 customers. However, customers with existing subscriptions to eBusiness Manager or eBusiness Web Services will continue to receive support and are also able to renew their subscriptions, ensuring continuity of service for those already using these offerings.

Introducing Sage 100 Customer Portal by CIMcloud

Moving forward, Sage recommends CIMcloud which offers a platform that provides your custom- ers with a smooth self-service experience, providing online access to orders, shipments, and invoices as well as make online payments. Plus, CIMcloud leverages your existing ERP data and features a unique “out-of-the-box” integration with Sage 100.

Key Features and Benefits

Some key features and benefits of the Sage 100 customer portal include:

Track Orders and Shipments

Enable your customers to view order status, items on back order, shipments, tracking numbers, and more at a time that’s convenient for them and without waiting on hold with customer service.

View Statements and Invoices

Provide customers with an up-to-date summary of their account including an aging report, open orders, open invoices, and adjustments.

Make Online Payments

Provide customers with the ability to pay online by credit card or ACH, as well as track payments and credits. Plus, the bi-directional integration with Sage 100 means your accounting and finance teams are updated when payments are received.

Get Full Details

Visit the Sage Marketplace if you’d like to learn more about the Sage 100 customer portal, take a product tour, or request a demo.


Collection of Sage 100 Customer Resources Online

Did you know that Sage offers a collection of helpful customer resources that can help you supercharge Sage 100 and maximize your investment in technology?

The Sage 100 Customer Resources website features live webcasts that teach you about new features and latest releases. You’ll also find a wealth of information, product brochures, and self-running demos that help you learn about add-on solutions – like document management, A/P automation, time tracking, and more – that connect to Sage 100 and extend core functionality. You’ll also find industry articles that teach you about cybersecurity, the cloud, and other key technology.

Plus, it serves as a handy portal to Sage 100 resources you probably use often such as Sage support, version release notes, community forums, training courses, and more.

Sage Fixed Assets 2024.1 Now Available

Sage Fixed Assets 2024.1 is packed with key tax updates and smart new features to simplify asset management including:

    • U.S. tax and deprecation calculation updates
    • A new AI chatbot that delivers quick answers
    • Save keystrokes with expanded default entries

Check out the Sage Fixed Assets 2024.1 release notes for full details on all enhancements and product fixes.

Sage Member Masterclass Season 4 is Here

Some may recall that back in 2022, Sage launched season 1 of their “Member Masterclass” series featuring talks, articles, and advice from the world’s leading experts on the challenges and opportunities in world of business today.

Based on the success of these insightful sessions, Sage has recently announced availability of season 4. In this season, speakers delve into what it takes to survive and thrive in the face of constant, and sometimes, unpredictable change. Discussion topics include:

  • How to navigate business growth
  • How to build a leadership team
  • How to lead people through organizational change
  • Archive links to Seasons 1 – 3