Sage 100 Newsletter Issue 1-2020


Whether you simply forgot and missed a renewal date or let it lapse and maybe later changed your mind, some Sage 100 customers have asked “What happens if my subscription expires?” The short answer is, you still have options and software access. Here’s a rundown of the grace period, functions you can still access, and what to do if your Sage 100 software subscription expires.

Grace Period

Sage 100 allows a 45 day grace period with full access to your Sage 100 data once your software subscription expires. You’ll will receive a message informing you that the subscription has expired along with a display showing how long you can continue using Sage 100 with full access as follows:

Error: “Your Sage 100 subscription has expired. You can continue using the software for 45 days. Please contact Sage before xx/xx/xxxx to renew your subscription”

DURING the grace period, you can still contact us or Sage sales to renew your subscription if the expiration was unintentional.

AFTER the 45 day grace period, Sage 100 will offer Read-Only access to data. In other words, you can no longer enter transactions or any other process that writes to the database, but you can still view existing data.

Sage 100 Newsletter Issue 1-2020