How to Import Bank Transactions and Run the Reconciliation Process in Acumatica

Follow these Steps to Import Bank Records and to Run the Reconciliation Process in Acumatica:

Importing Bank Transactions

Open the Import Bank Transactions screen.

Click the + sign.

Select the cash account (see 1 below) you’d like to reconcile along with:

  • Statement Date (see 2 below).
  • Upload the import file containing the transactions (see 3 below).
  • If incorrect, correct the ending balance (see 4 below).

Finally, click Save & Close.

Processing Bank Transactions

Open the Process Bank Transactions screen.

Select cash account into which you imported bank records during the previous procedure.

Click Auto-Match (see 1 below) and review the transactions that the system auto-matched. You can also mark the checkboxes for any items that you want to match manually.

Next, click Process (see 2 below) to process all transactions with a checkmark.

Go to the Reconciliation Statements screen.

Click the + sign.

Select the cash account that corresponds to the statement you want to reconcile.

Choose the correct Reconciliation Date (see 1 below), then enter the ending balance (see 2 below) from the bank statement.

Click Reconcile Processed to reconcile all transactions that were auto-matched on the Process Bank Transactions screen.

If a difference remains between your cleared and statement balance, you must manually reconcile any transactions that were not auto-matched. You can manually clear transactions by marking the corresponding check boxes until you achieve a matching balance.

When you have completed the reconciliation, unmark the Hold (see 1 below) and click Release (2).

You have now completed the bank reconciliation process for the account.

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