Acumatica Product Configurator

Power Your Business with the Acumatica Product Configurator

The rules-based product configurator provides flexibility to define attributes and formulas to create a unique bill of material and routing for finished goods with calculated costs and pricing. Configure products based on features, options, and dimensions to streamline the quote-to-order and manufacturing process. Configure manufactured items for quotes, sales orders, and production orders.

Powerful Benefits of the Acumatica Product Configurator

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Create Configured Orders in Seconds

Create a new configured order by simply copying or modifying an existing configured order or quote.

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Gain Control Over Revisions

Make multiple revisions of the same configuration while maintaining a history of the revisions and who created them.

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Determine Prices with Ease

Based upon the features and options chosen, the system has multiple price roll-up capabilities to determine the actual unit price for a specific configured item.

Acumatica Product Configurator Overview

Important Features of Acumatica Product Configurator

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Configure to Order

Configure any item using predetermined features and options. Run capable-to-promise (CTP) to determine delivery options. The results of the configuration can carry forward to a production order.

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Dimensional Capability

Use multiple dimensional calculations and formulas to determine the material requirements for specific components.

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Order History and Look-Up

Easily look up a customer’s previous configuration to create the order or make adjustments to the prior configuration.

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Multi-Level Configuration

Support multi-level configurations of regular, non-phantom, items by creating multiple production orders for each configured item.

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Formula Validation

Validate formula calculations based upon minimum and maximum attribute values or quantities for selected features and options.

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