Acumatica Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Power Your Business with Acumatica Material Requirements Planning

Generate time-phased manufacturing and purchasing plans for optimal inventory availability tied to forecasts and actual customer demands. Reduce inventory, improve customer service, and avoid shortages and stock-out scenarios that result in costly rush orders. Use exception reporting to understand which orders to move-in or move-out, which orders to cancel, and which vendors you need to contact to expedite shipments.

Powerful Benefits of Acumatica Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

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Improved Profits

Time-phased material planning ensures materials are purchased just in time for manufacturing. Critical material reports and exception messages help planners to respond to real-world changes impacting demand and production schedules.

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Maximize Utilization

Accurate material plans ensure that material is available for production. This improves resource scheduling to maximize machine, work center, and labor resources.

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Manage by Exception

Monitor material plans, material shortage reports, and production from a real-time dashboard. Drill-down to manage material plans using exception messaging to keep production running at peak performance.

Acumatica Materials Requirements Planning Overview

Important Features of Acumatica Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

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MRP Exception Messages

Work through the list of recommended actions – expedite, defer, or cancel supply orders – to keep your plant running smoothly and ship customer orders on time. Identify late orders and display any transfers available from another warehouse or site.

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Master Production Schedule

Drive your plan and your plant from the Master Production Schedule (MPS). This MRP ERP system plans all requirements based upon MPS. The MPS will be treated as a pre-planned production order and will act as a supply for other demand requirements.

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Sales Forecasts

Develop forecasts to drive the master schedule from sales history and/or manual entry.

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MRP Detail

Review and execute the complete material plan through MRP screens that show all activity, orders, requirements, balances, and recommendations for an inventory item.

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Critical Materials

View critical materials required for scheduled production orders.

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