Acumatica Bank Feeds

Power Your Business with Acumatica Bank Feeds

Schedule bank feed imports for savings, checking, corporate credit cards, investments, loans, or other financial accounts. Connect to multiple banks with varying import schedules per account. Powered by artificial intelligence with embedded machine learning, real-time activity downloads provide automated smart matching to existing transactions. Dashboards and reports highlight transactions that require attention. Bank Feeds is powered by Plaid, the industry-leading connection platform used by thousands of financial institutions and businesses globally. Connections and data transfers use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256), and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all information exchanges.

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Powerful Benefits of Acumatica Bank Feeds

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Automate Processes

Schedule bank feed imports to occur automatically based on flexible, user-defined schedules. Smart matching powered by Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning eliminates reconciliation for recognized transactions.

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Setup in Minutes

Connect to financial institutions in minutes with your corporate or personal credentials. Link financial accounts to General Ledger accounts with a few clicks.

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Streamline Expenses

Use Bank Feeds with Advanced Expense Management to automate expenses for corporate credit cards. Advanced Expense Management streamlines business expenses with flow through to customer projects for review and customer billing.

Acumatica Bank Feeds/Advanced Expense Management Overview

Important Features of Acumatica Bank Feeds

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Bank Integration

Powered by Plaid, Bank Feeds supports over 14,000 financial institutions globally.

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Secure Connections

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256), and Transport Layer Security (TLS) ensures safety and security for all information exchanges.

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Transaction Matching

Default settings, artificial intelligence, and machine learning automatically match bank transactions with Acumatica transactions.

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Manage by Exception

Unmatched transactions are conveniently displayed in dashboard views for review and manual matching or categorization in Acumatica.

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Audit Logs

Bank feed updates are logged at the record and field level in Acumatica, providing traceability for all financial data transactions.

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Advanced mapping and custom data provider connections provide flexibility to automate virtually any business scenario.

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