Restore Modules and Tasks Panel

Have the Modules and Tasks panel ever disappeared from your desktop? Don’t worry, you can easily restore it.


There are a couple of ways to restore the Modules and Tasks panel. The first and easiest option is to double click on the top bar Modules and Tasks panel.


Once this is done Sage should look similar to the below image.


If you can just simply not see your Modules and Tasks panel as shown below:


Then you would need to verify the view settings:

Go to the View tab, and from the drop-down menu, select Detail View to add check mark.

Now select Show Tasks to add a check mark.

Verify Auto Hide Tasks is not selected. (If there is a check mark next to this command, click Auto Hide Tasks to remove the check mark), and your Modules and Tasks panel should appear.


If the above steps did not restore the Modules and Tasks Panel, then please or abs at