How to Install the Acumatica Add-in for Outlook

Follow these steps to install the Acumatica add-in for Outlook

The Acumatica add-in for Outlook processes the incoming and outgoing mail in your Outlook mailbox and searches for the leads, contacts and employees in Acumatica ERP that correspond to the sender and recipient addresses in the email.

With this add-in you can do any of the following:

  • View the details on the lead, contact and employee record that already exist in Acumatica
  • Create new leads and contacts, as well as opportunities and cases associated with existing contacts, right from your mailbox
  • Log your communication activities

Steps to install the Outlook Add-In

Before you begin, you must use a manifest file that contains all of the deployment instructions.  The system generates a manifest file individually for each user.

  1. Sign into Acumatica at the user’s computer
  2. Go to “My Profile” from the top toolbar to access the User Profile:

Install the Acumatica Add-in for Outlook

  1. From the User Profile, choose the Email Settings tab and download the Outlook Add-In Manifest

Install the Acumatica Add-in for Outlook

Install the Acumatica Add-In

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to File and Manage Add-ins at the bottom of the screen in the middle panel
  3. On the screen that opens choose “My add-ins”
  4. Go to “Custom Add-ins” and “Add a custom add in”
  5. Browse to where the manifest file was saved earlier and confirm the changes


  1. Sign into the user’s mailbox via the web
  2. Open a blank email
  3. Click Settings > Manage add-ins > Add from a file
  4. Specify the location of the add-in manifest file saved earlier, and then click Next to confirm selection
  5. Click Install. This will start the installation of the add-in automatically.  When the add-in is installed, the Acumatica ribbon button is created in Outlook.

Sign In

Signing in will grant the add-in access to your Acumatica ERP instance.  You do not have to enter your credentials during a subsequent run of the add-in unless you previously signed out.

  1. Activate the add-in by clicking on the newly created Acumatica icon on the Outlook ribbon:

Install the Acumatica Add-in for Outlook

  1. Type your user name and password in the My Username and Password boxes
  2. Select the company to which you want to sign in in the Company box
  3. Click Sign In

Examples of Using the Outlook Plug-In

From any email, click on the Acumatica button on the top toolbar.  This brings up a right-side column with easy, 1-click actions that are instantly saved into your Acumatica database.  For example, if the email sender is not found in Acumatica, you can create a lead or contact from within Outlook.

Install the Acumatica Add-in for Outlook

If the sender is already in the system, you have options to view information, create a case, or new opportunity.

Install the Acumatica Add-in for Outlook

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