Enter a Sales Order with a Transfer Order from Other Warehouses

Follow these steps to enter a sales order with a transfer order from other warehouses

At the Originating Location

Enter a Sales Order

  • Create a customer sales order as usual
    • Choose customer
    • add inventory item
    • choose your branch’s warehouse as this warehouse is where the final shipment will be coming from
    • qty
    • price
    • Save
    • Choose “Line Details” of the line item that will be coming from the transfer warehouse

Sales Order with Transfer Order from Other Warehouses

    • Mark the box for “Allocated” for the items that will be requested from another warehouse and set the “Alloc. Warehouse” to the warehouse you are requesting the transfer from. Notice that the warehouse in the document details hasn’t changed but, in the footer, the allocated quantity equals the amount allocated.

Sales Order with Transfer Order from Other Warehouses

    • Take the sales order off hold, save
    • Create the transfer order by navigating to Actions > Create Transfer Order & process (note destination in header)

At the Transfer Warehouse Location

  • Review the transfer order document which acts like a PO between branches
    • Sales Order > Sales Orders (TR order type) or Printed Forms > Sales Order
  • Create the shipment from warehouse to warehouse from the transfer order
    • Open the Transfer Order (TR) in Sales Order > Sales Order
    • Actions > Create Shipment
    • Confirm Shipment
    • Print Shipment Confirmation (Reports > Print Shipment Confirmation) as packing slip for receiving warehouse. This document will have the sales order number and transfer order number and is important to alert the receiving warehouse what these items are for.
    • Update IN to complete shipment
    • Note: This process is for a single transaction, however these can be processed in bulk by navigating to Sales Order > Process Orders and choosing Actions > Create Shipment

At the Receiving Warehouse Location

  • The receiving warehouse processes the transfer like a purchase order with a purchase receipt
  • Receive the items into the warehouse with a purchase receipt, the same area that vendor purchases are received.
    • Purchases > Purchase Receipts
    • From the dropdown choose the Type: Transfer Receipt

Sales Order with Transfer Order from Other Warehouses

  • Warehouse: (the receiving WH)
  • In the details choose “Add Transfer” and choose the transfer order number listed on the shipment confirmation

Sales Order with Transfer Order from Other Warehouses

  • Add & Close
  • Review the document details and update as needed.
  • Remove hold & release

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