Acumatica 2019 R2 Upcoming Release


We are excited about the upcoming edition of Acumatica scheduled for release later this year. It includes features suggested by the user community to make Acumatica even more user-friendly and easy to use. Acumatica has streamlined workflows, simplified screens, involved artificial intelligence, and improved APIs to make the system more appealing to both users and developers.

There are many improvements in the new release, including:

  • 1099’s by branch
  • Cash application by A/P line item
  • Extended approval functionality for A/R Invoices, Debit and Credit Memos
  • Improvements in status tracking for credit card transactions
  • Predefined import scenarios for data migrations
  • Ability to restrict postings to control accounts
  • Multiple UI changes in Sales Order and Inventory
  • Validate and check for duplicate customer order numbers in Sales Order Entry
  • Hub Spot real time bi-directional synchronization
  • Multiple enhancements to generic inquiries
  • Extension of business event notifications to mobile texts
  • Pivot Table Sorting enhancements and Pivot Dashboard Widgets
  • Project Accounting Budget Checking on Document Entry
  • Project Accounting Two Tier Change Order Management
  • Add support for Corporate Cards on Expense Entry
  • Multiple Calendar Board Enhancements in Field Service
  • Improvements to Location Tracking
  • Predefined User Roles for Financial Users

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